About Lotte


My name is Lotte Philip, 22 years old. I am an artist from Norfolk, UK, specialising in Realism. Thank you to anyone who has supported me and my art so far!

My love for art as a child has grown into a fascination of Realism Fine Art. I wish to further explore the world of realism and create many more sentimental, detailed pieces for anyone who enjoys my art. Since starting my Instagram page @lottephilipart in 2016 as a hobby, I have continued to share and develop my technique and creative progress; now also sharing my work on TikTok, Facebook and Twitter @lottephilipart. Over recent years I have honed my skillset, being able to exercise my creative style across Pencil and Oil Paint mediums and turned this hobby of mine into a beloved profession. As well as Prints of my celebrity drawings, I offer pencil and oil paint Commissions that can range from loved pets and family, to favourite celebrities and tattoo designs. 

You can view my previous work and what style I am able to offer on this website and social media platforms that are linked below. 

Each commission is agreed between us before I start and before any payment transaction. For more information about how to order a commission go to the Shop page on this website. If desired, you can additionally buy quality Prints of your Commission for family and friends too. 

Every portrait captures the unique personality of the subject that can be treasured for life.

All oil paintings are varnished and all drawings are sprayed with professional products to ensure longevity of quality and vibrancy of colours.

Commissions and Prints are available

Check out the link below:

annne marie 2016-.jpg