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High quality Christmas Cards of hand drawn designs by artist Lotte Philip.

These cards were made to raise awareness and funds for the 'Samaritans' Charity via 'Work for
' to support those suffering over this Christmas period.

50% of the proceeds will go towards the Samaritans Charity and the other 50% towards making more!
You can find out more about this charity by visiting their website:

Thank you!

14 cm X 14 cm

1 Card - £3.60
Pack of 4 Cards (One of each design) - £12.50


Hope you like them!


Every portrait captures the unique personality of the subject that can be treasured for life!


All oil paintings are varnished and all drawings are sprayed with professional products to ensure longevity of quality and vibrancy of colours.

Commissions ​can be of loved ones, pets, wild animals, or your favourite celebrity. Perfect for special occasions!

For each commission you can pay either 100% upfront OR two 50% instatements; this is to ensure commitment from both parties. The final instalment will have to be completed before the commission is posted to you. 


Standard Sizes

A5, A4, A3

Sizes can vary to cater for each project.

To see Prices go to LottePhilipArt Etsy Shop

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How to Order a Commission

1. Send Lotte an email with a high resolution (high quality) image(s) and the size of drawing or painting you want. Standard drawing sizes are A5/A4/A3. Lotte is happy to discuss specific painting sizes and any further questions you may have.   

2. Once the email is received Lotte will check the quality of the image and will send you a confirmation email with the price of the drawing and approximate delivery date. It will typically take 2-4 weeks to finish depending on the size of the drawing or painting.

3. Lotte will send an image of the finished drawing via email to make sure you are happy with your commission. It will then be carefully packaged and sent to your delivery address after full payment is complete.


A Print could be the perfect gift for your loved one that you were looking for! 

You can see all the prints available on LottePhilipArt Etsy Shop


If you have purchased or are thinking about purchasing a commission, you can additionally get prints of your commission to give to your friends and family.

If you wish to discuss details with Lotte please do not hesitate to get in touch!


Direct Message on Instagram: @lottephilipart

Message on Facebook Page: Lottephilipart

(You should receive a response within 24 hours but please check your Junk Mail if you do not receive an email within 72 hours). 


Standard Sizes


 6'' X 4''

8'' X 6''

Contact Lotte for more specific sizes on request

To see Prices go to LottePhilipArt Etsy Shop

The Captain Tom Foundation

100% of the proceeds from purchasing the Captain Tom prints will go to The Captain Tom Foundation

For more information about The Captain Tom Foundation and the charities that you will be supporting visit the link below.